Previous World Cup Winners

Year Host Winners Runners-up 3rd Place 4th Place No. of Teams
1930 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina USA Yogoslavia 13
1934 Italy Italy Czechoslovakia Germany Austria 16
1938 France Italy Hungary Brazil Sweden 16/15 *1
1950 Brazil Uruguay Brazil Sweeden Spain 16/13 *2
1954 Switzerland West Germany Hungary Austria Uruguay 16
1958 Sweeden Brazil Sweeden France West Germany 16
1962 Chile Brazil Czechoslovakia Chile Yougoslavia 16
1966 England England West Germany Portugal Soviet Union 16
1970 Mexico Brazil Italy West Germany Uruguay 16
1974 West Germany West Germany Netherlands Poland Brazil 16
1978 Argentina Argentina Holland Brazil Italy 16
1982 Spain Italy West Germany Poland France 24
1986 Mexico Argentina West Germany France Belgium 24
1990 Italy West Germany Argentina Italy England 24
1994 USA Brazil Italy Sweden Bulgaria 24
1998 France France Brazil Croatia Netherlands 32
2002 South Korea & Japan Brazil Germany Turkey South Korea 32
2006 Germany Italy France Germany Portugal 32
2010 South Africa Spain Netherlands Germany Uruguay 32
 2014 Brazil  Germany  Argentina  Netherlands  Brazil  32

*1. Austria withdrew after the draw as a result of the Anschluss with Germany: some Austrian players subsequently joined the German squad, leaving the tournament with 15  teams.

*2. Only 13 teams played the 1950 FIFA World Cup. 16 teams entered the seeding groups draw.  However, Turkey and Scotland both withdrew before the draw; France (eliminated in qualifying) were invited as a replacement, leaving the tournament to be held with 15 teams. After the draw, India and France both withdrew, so only 13 teams participated in the tournament.

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