Retail Experience (Customers)

Tonight after I finished my job, I went to the shop to get something to eat. As it was late there was 2 tills opened, which is normal for that time of the day. As I went doing my bit of shopping, I couldn’t get over the behaviour of some of the other customers that were there tonight, especially one in particular.

I came across this particular customer when I got to the till, where there was 2 people been served. Then when one of them had around half of his items scanned, he decided he had to go away and get something else as well. He seemed to take no notice that he was holding up a long queue, there was 10 people ahead of me in the queue and another 1 behind me.

It was around 5 minutes before I got served and the customer that left to get something, still wasn’t back. I would be very embarrassed if I had done this myself, especially when there is a long queue. This is one thing I could never do to other customers or the till operators.

There is a lot more customers like this around the place, that see nothing wrong with holding up long lines of people  in shops. I see it weekly  in a lot of shops or hear about it from family and friends. These type of customers for me are among the most ignorant customers going, especially when its the till operators who will get attitude from other ignorant customers who might be in the queue as well. This isn’t one bit fair on the till operators, who were doing their job the best they could.

One would have to feel sorry for the retail worker who always do their best and have this happen to them, even if it’s just once or every week.

I cannot and don’t think I will ever understand why there is some customers like this.

Why is there so many rude and ignorant customers these days?

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