Europa League/UEFA Cup Facts

  • The first final was in 1972
  • The final was a 2 leg affair till 1997/98 season
  • Was renamed the Europa League from the 2009/10 season
  • The first final was an all English affair with Tottenham defeating Wolves in the final
  • Italy holds the record for have club appearing in the final most years in a row, with an Italian club appearing in the final 7 times in a row from 1989 to 1995
  • Italy holds the record for the most finalist, 15 in total
  • Italy also has most winners, 9 in total
  • 4 clubs are top of the winners list with 3 titles each, Juventus, Inter Milan, Liverpool and Sevilla
  • 6 teams that have won it, started out in the champions league that season
  • Sevilla are going for their second 2 in a row, last did it in the 2005/06-2006/07 seasons

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